Oct 17, 2011

Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridges & CTMH Stamp Sets

Okay, a week ago I was the proud owner of a Cricut Imagine machine and this week. . . I'm on the search for another!  The Machine in itself was great, however, after using the Cricut Expression, I was sadly disappointed!  Things I (the novice I am with Cricut) noticed: 
  • Key pad was all on screen (Yipee loved this!) for Imagine vs. original Expression and having to put all of those key pad overlays on and pack them with me when I scrapbook outside of home!
  • Could not manipulate the image on Imagine as for the location to cut on our page - loved this on the original Expression!   Saved way more paper with Expression vs. Imagine.
  • MOSTLY what I did not like is all the CTMH stamps sets are set for increments of an inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch the Imagine machine only works on increments of .1, .2, .3 . . . and so on.  This feature on the Imagine is great and gives you more flexibility for cutting out images with tighter frames IF the function was available to nest the individual fancy frame images - NOPE I could not figure this out with the Imagine.  So all those fancy stamps I ordered through CTMH which were 1/4 inch or 3/4 inch sizes - would not work (or you could "pass" it off but me being a little OCD - it didn't work for me).   
  • Loved the idea of creating my own paper with the Imagine - but realistically is it worth spending the extra money on for the ink and paper to print on. . .personally I'm not prepared to figure it all out! 
As a result after owning the Cricut Imagine for one week, I'm sorry to say it went back to the store and they graciously accepted it back.  Now I'm trying to find out if the Expression 2 - is set up the same way for cutting increments as the original Expression.  If anyone knows, please e-mail me at