Nov 24, 2011

"Caught-Up" in the Festivities and Cards!

Ok. . . I realize I have been posting a whole lotta cards on the blog - at least between Amber and I we've put quiet a few in the past couple of weeks and the "focus" is supposed to be on scrapbooking and cardmaking. . . . oops we've kinda forgot about the scrapbooking portion on the blog!  My BADDDDD!  It's so much fun makin' all those Christmas Cards and the Challenges. . .OMG they go on forever - if you try to do them all.  Can you say stimulation overload! 

So on Wednesday, I sat down and got out some true 12X12 Cardstock to work on some layouts for a function I'm doing this weekend with our local Stampede Royalty.  Who woulda thought in the middle of the Cariboo we'd have ROYALTY - but we do!  I was asked by one of the Board of Directors from the Williams Lake Stampede Association to work with this past years Queen and princess(es) to help them capture some of the highlights from the 2011 reign.  I was supplied a wide variety of pictures from MANY of the events they attended this year, and again was on stimulation overload and thought "if I create it. . . they will follow" . . .  

Here's the final product and the black cardstock frames the girls pictures, which can easily slide in amongst the embelishments! 

B and T Paper:  CTMH Roxie Paper (X7104B)
Cardstock:  all CTMH Black, Tulip, & Desert Sand
Ink:  CTMH Black & Desert Sand
Stamps are all CTMH:  Blue Ribbon Set (C1464), Typeset Workshop Set (Kit G1024), Insant Memories (C1466), and Love Life (D1482)
Accessories:  CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge, Gems, 3D Dots


/posted by Penny

I know sound courney, but essentially that is what I anticipate them doing and the end result will be their own pictures as they choose....  a simple way of coming to a resolution to my own problem!


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